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Good Current

Committed to 100% Clean Energy 

We optimize and finance
 solar + storage systems

Why Are Customers Choosing Good Current?

We provide optimization and finance as a service to customers

Good Current partners with public sector clients, private communities, and installers in a transparent fashion to create significant energy savings and resiliency for their customers.

We lower rates through optimization of existing assets.

We provide expertise in the long-term ownership of assets to ensure both technical and financial performance. To date, our systems have generated thousands of kilowatt hours of optimized, low cost clean electricity and substantial energy savings.

Contact us to see how Good Current can help you create new revenue and bring additional value to your customers.

100% Renewables

  • Keep capital available for core business activities
  • No upfront cost
  • Start paying less for electricity - immediately
  • Your asset is maintained by experts
  • No maintenance fees
  • Risk management & resiliency for emergencies 

Case Studies

Savings for your customers.
Increased revenue for your business.

Partner with GoodCurrent

Partner with GoodCurrent

Installers: contact us to learn about our Partner Program
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